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Interested in tracking the development of your video game library? Use Game Tracker!

Keeping track of game collections can be challenging, mainly if the collection is digital and spread across several platforms. Using a game tracker tool will help manage your video game library and keep track of the games you own, the ones you still need to finish, and the ones you intend to purchase.

Why You Should Use Game Tracker

Game Tracker’s UI is attractive, clear, and simple to use. Any video game you wish to add to your library will surely be there.

Every game entry includes the overall rating given by Game Tracker users and the game’s platforms, publisher, release date, and other relevant details.

Game Tracker’s Tab Sections

The app has four tab sections: Discover, Lists, Activity, Statistics, and Activity. The three preset lists that come with the app are Archive, Wish List, and Backlog.


When you register and subscribe, you may add additional lists, even ranked lists, a wonderful way to choose your best games for genres, franchises, or systems. The backlog may also be broken down into Play Next, Now Playing, Archive, and Collection categories and Completed, Abandoned, and Finished. 

Your Wish List can notify you once the games you’ve added are available. It is arranged by release date. If several platforms are available, you may choose which one to use.

Video games on your list can also be filtered and categorized depending on various factors.

Every game in your list will include a description from the IGDB database, images, ratings, trailers, genre, critic rating, release date, and other information. 

When viewing a video game’s detail page in GameTrack, you can move objects across lists and change the artwork for entries. 

Additionally, you may set a completion goal and make notes, which can be a useful method to bookmark a review Link, make notes for yourself regarding your next step in the game, or recall who suggested it. 

Long-pressing on a video game’s art will create a context menu with editable metadata.

Other Tabs

Browse games from the IGDB database and search for video games on your Discover tab, view the games on your lists in chronological order via your Activity tab, follow other users using the Follow feature, and share your games on the share sheet.

Sharing your profile, view your recent activity, and perusing your game statistics are accessible through the Account and Statistics tabs. You can also see the users you follow, your followers, view, share, or delete posts, and access the site settings from the Account tab.

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The User Interface

Since GameTrack is very customizable if you are on a subscription, settings are also essential to discuss. The app’s layout, theme, icon, and tint color may all be changed to suit your preferences.

Additionally, you may connect your PlayStation, Steam accounts, and Xbox under Settings. You can also modify your account details and save library metadata.


GameTrack is a no-cost application from the App Store.  A $0.99 per month or $7.99 per year subscription includes ranked lists, custom lists and icons, themes, layouts, tints, and automatic updates of game release dates.