Games on Game Tracker

1. Ark: Survival Evolved

Players in Ark: Survival must stay alive while lost in one of the numerous areas home to free-roaming fantastical monsters, dinosaurs, other ancient creatures, natural dangers, and potentially aggressive players.

To stay alive, reign over the gameplay, and eventually escape, employ your wits to control or slaughter the wild creatures that inhabit the earth.

2. Arma 3

Arma 3 is a lifelike tactical shooter with precise deadly weaponry.  Players must shoot in intervals to ensure accuracy because recoil and external ballistics significantly impact weapons.

 The game is played on vast landscapes with lifelike land and marine elements that can span many square kilometers.

Gamers engage in realistic combat games. Arma 3 takes you to battle and is real, varied, and open.

3. Battalion 1944

For first-person shooters and World War II fans, Battalion 1944 uses cutting-edge industry technologies to produce a visceral and heart-pounding multiplayer experience.

In its final form, Battalion 1944 reclaims the essence of traditional shooters. Relive the simpler times when you and your pals used to play first-person shooters. Take your rifle and engage in PVP battles to enjoy team combat.

4. Battlefield Hardline

Police and Lawbreakers Meet in a Crime-Rich World – Battlefield Hardline. In a multi-episode crime thriller single-player campaign, take command of your team as a detective or of law enforcement and outlaws in a fast-paced, violent multiplayer Battlefield game. 

You are on either side; now is the moment to take to the streets.

5. Call Of Duty

Gamers will embark on missions alongside allies in an interactive experience, participating in everything from high-stakes and small-scale infiltration combat operations to top-secret missions.

Infinity Ward offers fans cutting-edge gameplay with brand-new weapon handling, an improved Artificial intelligence system, a redesigned Gunsmith, and several other graphical and gameplay advancements.

6. Call Of Duty: Black Ops

As a part of a specialized special forces team engaged in clandestine combat, secret missions, and destructive battles worldwide, Black Ops will transport you inside enemy territory. Your decisions will tip the scales at the most perilous time in human history, thanks to your possession of special weapons and gear.

7. Conan Exiles

Conan the Barbarian saves the player-created avatar at the start of the game, which takes place in his world.

A multiplayer online survival adventure featuring magic and taking place in Conan the Barbarian’s home territory. Build a kingdom, conquer your foes in single-player or multiplayer mode, and thrive in a massive open-world wilderness.

8. Counter-Strike

In the Counter-Strike franchise of multiplayer games, terrorist teams compete to carry out terrorist attacks while anti-terrorists work to thwart them.

The collaborative combat concept that the creators invented when the game was released 19 years ago is enhanced in CS: GO. New characters, maps, modes, weapons, and remastered editions of the iconic CS material are all included in CS: GO.